Overview of shampoos from yellowness

All blondes sooner or later face such a problem as the appearance of yellowness on their hair. Choose the best silver hair shampoo!

The undesirable yellow tint of those who encounter it is frightening with the appearance, but over time we begin to find more and more new methods of struggle and are actively fighting it. With each attempt to remove the yellow tint from the hair, or to prevent its appearance, it becomes easier thanks to proven and professional means. In order not to reassure ourselves, expecting a good result and in vain not to buy a yellowness neutralizer of hair of dubious quality, we examined the top five brands that are in demand today and checked their properties and results on ourselves.

And so, let’s start with the Fanola brand, namely Fanola No-yellow shampoo – Shampoo to neutralize yellowness. Recommend this shampoo to gray hair and blond. The active ingredients in the composition are purple pigments and silk proteins.

We used it in the same way as the instructions for use, namely, it was poured into the palm of the hand and diluted with water, since for the best effect it is recommended to apply this anti-yellow shampoo in its pure form on the hair. After application, we held the shampoo on our hair for about 3-5 minutes and washed off with plenty of water.

We will try to briefly describe the result. What we noticed is that Fanola No-yellow shampoo – Shampoo to neutralize yellowness is not very foamy, which indicates a lower content of sulfates. The smell is specific, but after washing it does not leave a trace. With regard to the result, it is. The yellowness washed, the hair became softer and acquired a radiance. Also, the main plus of shampoo is its reasonable price with good quality and effect.

Now let’s move on to a review of a brand such as Indola and its shampoo – Indola Innova Color Silver Shampoo – Shampoo for colored hair with a silver effect. The description says that the shampoo removes and neutralizes yellowness on white, gray or bleached hair. Shampoo with pigments of a blue and purple tint, help to remove the yellow tint.

Application: wash your hair, and then apply the indole anti-yellow shampoo, massage and rinse your hair after 1-3 minutes, so we did.

A little about the effect: it coped well with yellowness, there is a shine of hair, it restores well, the smell is not repulsive. Enough for a long time, as well as the price of a shampoo with a silver effect Indola is quite consistent with good quality.

The next brand is the well-known and beloved Schwarzkopf and its product Schwarzkopf Bonacure True Silver Shampoo – Shampoo for a silver shade. The description says that the shampoo will give a silver tint to your hair and save them from yellowness. Used according to the instructions – applied to wet hair for 1-3 minutes and subsequently washed off.

What about the result of the action of the shampoo against the yellow Schwarzkopf shade, after application, the shampoo gives a beautiful ash tint to your blond, yellowness, as it was not. Pleasant smell, easy combing, and good price.

Now let’s move on to the Gold well brand, namely Gold well DualSenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Brassiness Shampoo – Product Description: eliminates yellow pigments, gives an ashy shade to your color, gives shine and smoothness, prevents color wash-out and protects it from the negative influence of external factors. How to use: Apply to wet hair, thoroughly massaged and washed off.

We turn to the result – removed the yellowness, the ashy shade really gives, the hair has become smooth, shiny and vibrant. The price, as for a professional product, is quite justified.

And finally, let’s move on to our 5th experiment. And this is a shampoo for blondes of the Concept brand, namely Concept Blond Explosion Shampoo – Silver shampoos for light shades. It is recommended for light shades of hair and promises that the shampoo will eliminate yellowness, moisturize and soak the hair, and also protect the hair from the negative effects of external factors and devices for styling, drying and aligning hair. Method of application: apply shampoo to wet hair and evenly distribute the shampoo along the entire length of the hair, carefully massaging the scalp, rinse off with a small amount of water.

Since we were promised a wide range of actions, we decided to test them all on our models. Yellowness removes, moisturizes and nourishes hair perfectly. It protects from an aggressive external environment, namely from the sun and dust, checked if possible. And they didn’t deceive us with styling, waving and alignment, indicating true information. One of our models did the styling, the second wave, and the third alignment. And everyone was satisfied! As for the price of a product with such a wide range of actions, the price is quite affordable.

We hope that our small beauty experiment will help you decide on the right product for you personally and choose your shampoo for blondes for yellowness, or a shampoo concentrate to neutralize yellowness. It all depends only on you to catch up on time and save your hair or walk with a groomed yellow blond.