Only wash your scalp with scalp only washes

Why do we wash our hair anyway?

You wash your hair because it’s dirty, right? But how dirty is your hair if you decide to wash it? And is your whole hair dirty, or just the part of your scalp? Often your dots are still perfectly clean and don’t need to be washed at all. With ‘scalp only washes’ you don’t wash your entire hair, but only your scalp and the hair up to your ears

Why wash ‘scalp only’?

Every time you wash your hair with shampoo, you damage your hair and dry it out. So it’s better to use as little shampoo as possible. Not using shampoo, or at least a lot less shampoo at your height, will make your dots very happy. You’ll find that split ends, dryness, dull hair, tangles and lint are less likely to bother you.

It’s better not to use any shampoo at all, but that’s a completely different story. If you want to know more, you might find this article interesting: No Poo: why you can say goodbye to your shampoo

How was your scalp only?

But if you do choose to use shampoo, wash from above to just below your ears. That sounds easy, but how exactly do you do that? This is how I do it:

  • You make a low ponytail
  • Then apply your shampoo to the part above the rubber band in descending strips (massaging often causes tangles).
  • Keep your ponytail out of the way (I grab it myself with one hand and hold it up).
  • Then rinse the shampoo out of your hair
  • If anything comes over your height, it’s not a disaster. If you want, you can protect your hair by applying a conditioner before you start washing. Do not rinse out the conditioner until the last minute.

Damage and drought will be a lot less… if you wash scalp only. Sorry, everyone, I couldn’t resist making this cheesy rhyme. But you can see that long hair doesn’t necessarily mean using more shampoo. Can you use that as a counter-argument if your lovely partner or family member whines that you spend too much money on your hair?

How did you wash your hair?