Lust hairdressers: men who love to cut hair

After reading, you’ll never dare to wear your locks loose again. Mwahahahaha! But seriously, it gives me the creeps.

The lust hairdresser of Eindhoven

The story starts with a young woman. On a gloomy winter’s day in February of this year, she was unsuspectingly waiting on a bench for her train. Even though she had known what was going on behind her at that moment, she probably wouldn’t have been sitting so quietly. There was a man with scissors behind her. And what he had done with those scissors, she had only discovered when she was on the train. There was a whole bite missing from her long strands. The man had cut off a large piece of her hair.

Not the only one

The story above happened this year at the station in Eindhoven. And this story is not unique. Every year dozens of women in the Netherlands fall victim to a so-called lust hairdresser. The lust hairdresser in this story alone has made at least 6 victims in the past 2 years. And he is only 23 years old!

What possesses a lust hairdresser?

But why does someone do such a thing? Very simple: lust. The name says it all. Lust hairdressers get sexually excited by cutting her off. But there are also lust hairdressers who don’t want to do the cutting, but just for the touch.

The perfect match for a lust hairdresser

There is a lid on every jar because there are also people who get excited when their hair is cut. Can’t we make a Tinder-like app for that? At least they’ll leave us alone.

What if you have a hair fetish?

More people get sexually excited about her than you might think at first. About 7% of the population seems to have such a fetish, that is almost 1 in 15 people. So you don’t have to book a one-way ticket to the psychiatrist if you are suffering from a hair fetish (trichophilia).

Several types of hair fetish

A hair fetish comes in many sizes and types. You can’t think of it that bad, as long as it has to do with her and some people have a fetish for it. The most common hair fetish is for long hair.

When is a hair fetish not okay?

A fetish only becomes a problem when you live out your fantasies at the expense of others. There is where things go wrong with the lust hairdressers that we see in the news: they do it without permission of the other. And that makes it sexual assault.

How do lust hairdressers work?

Some lust hairdressers have the guts to just stand behind you with scissors without you realizing it. Brrr… you shouldn’t think about it.

Others are even more cunning. They pretend to be real hairdressers and while you think your hair is in safe hands, he is sexually assaulting you by cutting off your hair. Never go out on the street with anyone, whether it’s your hair or anything else.

What should you do if it has happened to you?

I can think of some things you could do, but I don’t think the police will be happy if I give that as advice.

So in that case:

  • Report it (after all, it’s a form of sexual assault).
  • Try to collect evidence (photos, camera images, witnesses)
  • Share your story on social media and with news organizations to warn others in the area.

Unfortunately, you won’t get your cut hair back with it, but it might make sure there are no new victims.