3 (types of) oils for faster hair growth

Have you ever wondered how to make the best use of oil for faster hair growth and which oils you can best use? Read on to find out more about my 3 favourite oils and how to use them!

Essential oils

Essential oils are extracted from plants. They are obtained by distillation by water or steam or by cold pressing. This process is always natural because as soon as it is chemically produced, it is no longer a real essential oil.

Many different essential oils are great for making your hair grow too fuller and longer. The three that I’m going to treat more extensively are:


The oil is already known for its relaxing effect, but besides that, it also has many advantages when applied to the scalp. It improves blood circulation, preventing hair loss and accelerating hair growth. Lavender also has a moisturizing effect and is antiseptic, which also has many advantages for people who suffer from dandruff.


The smell of peppermint arouses positivity and energy in people. The oil increases blood flow and rejuvenates the hair follicles that stimulate hair growth. It also has a cleansing effect, this makes the oil perfect for people with dry scalp.


This oil contains many antioxidants that thinning hair against. It also stimulates blood circulation, which in turn stimulates hair follicles and hair growth. Rosemary oil removes pores on the scalp so I’m also ideal for people with dandruff or itchy scalp.

Do not use an essential oil on its own but mix it with vegetable oil and massage it into the scalp. Never use essential oils pure on your skin! Only lavender, Roman chamomile and tea tree are essential oils that can be used purely on the skin. Watch out with essential oils when you are pregnant.

Add a few drops of essential oil to the vegetable oil (max 20 drops per 100 ml). Let it work for at least an hour and for an even better result you can go to sleep with the oil.

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oil is extracted from nature, for example from plants or seeds. It consists of the fattiest acids and glycerine. It is best to use oil as pure as possible when it comes to hair and skin care.

Massage a small amount of vegetable oil into your scalp using your fingertips. You can warm the oil by putting it in a bottle and leaving it in warm water for a while. The heat allows the oil to penetrate the scalp better. For extra effect you can bring your head to your knees while massaging, this will improve the blood circulation. Then wrap your hair in a cloth and let it work for at least an hour or go to sleep with it. The vegetable oils are easy to use on their own, but you can also mix them or add a few drops of essential oils.

Cumin oil

Cumin oil comes from the Nigella sativa plant, this plant is from Asia. The plant all has small seeds and from this, the oil is made. This makes it a vegetable oil. However, this vegetable oil is very special, because it both internally and externally for healthier hair.

In the past, the oil was widely used in Egypt for a beautiful brown complexion and long healthy hair. By taking the oil you not only get beautiful skin and hair but it also contributes to good digestion and eliminates various diseases.

It is recommended to take 1 teaspoon of the oil per day. Cumin oil is known to strengthen the hair and stimulate hair growth. The oil is rich in antioxidants and antimicrobials, making it anti-inflammatory.

If the oil is applied to bald spots, this can also stimulate hair growth again. Leave it to work for at least half an hour.