10 things you discover … if you have someone with long hair

Especially for our lovely partners. You have a lot to endure with us and our long hair. And you may think that we don’t realize it, but we feel your pain all too well. Not that that prevents us from having long hair, but some recognition from us towards you might ease the pain a little bit more. So with this one…

1. Hair everywhere: Hair, hair everywhere!

There is no escape! On your clothes, in the sink, in your food, and even in your toothbrush. And wait for her to moult!

2. If even the vacuum cleaner goes through all that hair, you know it’s bad.

Even with a special pet hair vacuum cleaner, you won’t make it. Prepare to pull each time you pick from the vacuum cleaner to make sure it sucks again. There’s a reason she asks YOU to vacuum.

3. Sleeping next to her is not without danger to your own life.

You never ask if she sleeps with loose hair again, because before you know it you wake up gasping for breath because you are strangled by the hair sample. And all this while she is sleeping peacefully.

4. Hairslap! She just hits you in the face with her hair… and you’re not always convinced that it’s ‘accidental’.

She throws her hair back and bams just as charmingly! In your face!

5. Always those stupid buns. Sometimes it’s like she has a second head.

And if you say the same to her, you can just put her away.

7. Is the shower well-hidden ALL-WEATHER?

What? At least you’ll get a free foot bath while showering…

6. Never cuddle safely… It’s always attached to something: from your jewellery to your beard! And kissing… it’s always in the way.

Cuddling is not without danger, because you have the chance that you get completely entangled. Then go for a kiss? Bluish… a whole bite of hair in your mouth!

7. Is the shower pit hidden REALLY?

What? At least you’ll get a free foot bath while showering…

8. There is no end to it. If you think you’re not lying on it anymore, you’re still lying on it.

Honey… you’re on my hair. Sweetheart. You’re still lying on my hair.

9. A woman never has enough hair stuff… that’s what the cupboard full of hair accessories proves.

And you’re glad you know what a sliding pin is.

10. You are her partner slash personal hair photographer

Honey! Will you take a picture of my hair? I have to keep track of my progress…